Grant FAQ

How do I apply for a T2T Teacher Trips Grant?

You can submit an application for Teacher Trip Grants through Google Forms or by emailing Becky Adams.

What does a Trip Grant cover?

Grant amounts vary by trip. See the Teacher Trip page on this website for current costs. If you navigate to an individual trip, you can find grant amounts listed at each “Details” tab. Please note that you will be responsible for airfare to the trip location.

How does T2T decide who receives funding?

All current and retired school staff and university faculty who are paying out of pocket will receive a grant. Teachers who are funded through support from their district, external grants, or sponsorships are not eligible for a grant.

Is my spouse or child eligible for grant funding?

Yes, anyone related to you is eligible and should apply separately.

When will I find out if I receive funding?

If you meet the eligibility requirements outlined above, you will receive a grant. T2T will provide official notification, including specific expectations, in mid-May of the current trip year.

What expectations accompany the receipt of a T2T grant?

When grant recipients are notified of their award, they will receive information on expectations related to the grant. These may include

    • Completing the pre-departure materials and activities prior to your T2T trip
    • Developing activities and lesson plans aligned to the standards of the host country during the trip
    • Providing program feedback during the course of the trip
    • Responding to a T2T check-in six months and one year after the trip