Antigua, Guatemala

The name Guatemala is derived from the Mayan word for place of many trees, and on this trip you will find out why. The ancient culture of the Maya lives on in many traditions you will experience firsthand. You will spend your first weekend exploring the colonial city of Antigua and getting to know the communities and schools where our partner organization, Niños de Guatemala, works. You will be warmly welcomed by the teachers in the two Niños de Guatemala schools, located just outside of Antigua in Ciudad Vieja and San Lorenzo el Cubo. Your lodging will be at a guesthouse in Antigua. You will be paired with a teacher and interpreter (if needed) for five full days of collaborative coaching in your assigned school. At the conclusion of the trip, the entire team will reflect together before returning home.

Trip Itinerary

Friday, June 30 — Guatemala City

Arriving at the Guatemala City airport, you will be met by a T2T-I representative who will accompany you to the Hotel Barcelo. The team will gather for dinner at a nearby restaurant. The rest of the evening will allow for getting acquainted with your fellow team members and an early bedtime if you choose.


Saturday, July 1 — Antigua

Your day begins with breakfast at the delicious hotel buffet, followed by a morning meeting and orientation. After the orientation activities, the team will leave for Antigua, stopping for lunch along the way at a restaurant high up in the hills with beautiful views overlooking the town. In the afternoon, you will settle into the guesthouse where you will be staying for the week, and you will have some time to tour Antigua and visit the sights before a team dinner at a local restaurant.


Sunday, July 2 — Antigua

Your day will begin with breakfast at the guesthouse, followed by activities that will allow you to become acquainted with the community where you will be working this week. The team will have lunch together in Antigua, followed by free time during which you can choose among many activities such as souvenir browsing at the market, designing your own jade jewelry, and making chocolate with your favorite add-ins. The day will finish with dinner together and final preparations for your week of work in the schools.

Monday, July 3 — Antigua

Before beginning the classroom observation day, we will hold a brief orientation meeting. You will then start to work with the most important person in your week: your Niños de Guatemala partner teacher. After some conversation, we will share a delicious lunch together. You will begin to experience your partner’s classroom and then gather for a school-wide professional development session. During the evening, the team will discuss the day as a group by asking, What did you learn?

Tuesday, July 4 — Antigua

During the morning, you will deliver the lesson you have prepared and then discuss it with your partner. You will find this conversation to be anything but one-sided, as most participants realize they have as much wisdom to receive as they have to give. One-on-one meetings and a group professional development session will occupy the afternoon. You will eat dinner with the team and then watch a movie that explores life in Guatemala.

Wednesday, July 5 — Antigua

While the students are at school in the morning, you and your partner will co-teach a lesson. Your one-on-one meeting will focus on how she/he and the students experienced it and what elements could benefit the classroom. Another workshop will occupy the afternoon. Tonight the team will cook a traditional Guatemalan meal together as a fun activity!

Thursday, July 6 — Antigua

Today presents another opportunity to co-teach or experiment with a new activity, with a focus on student participation. Your one-on-one meeting with your partner teacher will give the both of you a chance to discuss how it went and any tweaks to be made for the next time. Another professional development session will follow. Questions to process as a group in the evening are What did or did not go as well as you’d like? and What did you learn from this lesson?

Friday, July 7 — Antigua

This morning’s content is flexible, because each participant-partner pairing will have different loose ends to tie up. You will be available to answer any remaining questions and to celebrate the myriad accomplishments of previous days. You will have very brief individual meetings to wrap up the week and plan for maintaining contact in the future. The team will then share a closing celebration with the Niños de Guatemala teachers. You will enjoy a final team dinner at a nice restaurant in Antigua.


Saturday, July 8 — Return to U.S. 

With a full heart and an entire scrapbook of memories, today is for departures. Transportation to the airport will be arranged for you.


While staying in Guatemala City, your tourist-class hotel will be safe, clean, and comfortable. Lodging in Antigua will be in a charming historic building near the center of town called the Hotel Posada Placida. Each room will have its own bathroom. Participants may share a room, depending on the size of the team. If you prefer a single room, please let us know in advance.

Meals will vary from grab-and-go breakfasts to more leisurely dinners, all provided at typical Guatemalan portion sizes. You will not go hungry, but bringing a stash of granola bars might be a good idea if you are used to eating like an American.

Wifi is available at the retreat center on a limited basis.

Alcohol and smoking policies will be discussed with you before departure.

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