During a T2T-I teacher trip, educators from the United States are paired with local teachers in Central and South America.

Through a graduated co-teaching sequence (and with interpreters as needed), T2T-I team members observe and conduct lessons in their partners’ classrooms. After each school day is completed, T2T-I team members take part in one-on-one meetings and professional development workshops.

The T2T-I team’s visit abroad both begins and ends with culture-based exploration in the host country. Upon their return to the U.S., T2T-I teachers maintain virtual relationships with their partner teachers.

Niños de Guatemala

June 30 to July 8, 2017

$1,725 plus airfare

Antigua, Guatemala

Galápagos Schools

July 1 to 12, 2017

$2,550 plus airfare to and from the Galápagos Islands

Santo Domingo School


July 13 to 23, 2017

$600 plus airfare

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

San Ramon School

July 30 to August 8, 2017

$1,140 plus airfare

San Ramon, Costa Rica

New Hope School*


August 4 to 12, 2017

$1,275 plus airfare

Chinautla, Guatemala