Image of children walking to school in Santa Avelina, Guatemala


Teachers2Teachers-International provides global professional development opportunities for teachers. With a STEM focus, we send educators to build meaningful, long-term partnerships with local teachers in schools around the world. Our programs emphasize a culturally relevant, student-centered approach to education as well as respect for each community’s learning goals.

Global Teacher Trips

We bring teams of skilled educators to schools in developing countries for experiences ranging from one to two weeks. Educators coach local teachers, listening and understanding first, then working together to establish professional learning communities. Both in-country and visiting educators leave the experience with new approaches for integrating culture into their curriculum.

STEM Coaching

We provide tailored professional development and coaching to schools domestically and internationally. Our workshops connect country-appropriate standards in STEM with culturally relevant applications that are often right in the schools’ backyards. We further support teachers by serving as coaches, providing support and feedback online and in the classroom.

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Centers for STEM Education

We staff community-based education centers in developing countries, providing tutoring, technology support, and classroom resources. The centers are an ongoing source of support to local STEM educators as they make learning student-centered and culturally relevant.



Still in development, T2T-Online will provide a web-based platform to connect teachers in different parts of the world though ten monitored and measured meetings. The creation of partnerships supports reciprocal learning for professional development related to culturally relevant education.