For Teacher Trip Travelers

Grant FAQ

  1. How do I apply for a T2T Teacher Trips Grant? You can submit an application for Teacher Trip Grants through Google Forms.
  2. What does a Trip Grant cover? Grant amounts vary by trip. See the Teacher Trip page on this website for current costs. If you select an individual trip, you will find the grant amounts listed at the “Details” tab. Please note that you will be responsible for airfare to the trip location.
  3. How does T2T decide who receives a grant? All current and retired school staff and university faculty who are paying out of pocket will receive a grant. Teachers who are funded through support from their district, external grants, or sponsorships are not eligible for a grant.
  4. Is my spouse or child eligible for a Trip Grant? Yes, please have anyone related to you who’s interested in a Teacher Trip fill out the Trip Grant Application.
  5. When will I find out if I receive a Trip Grant? T2T will provide official notification of funding, including specific expectations related to the grant, in mid-May of the current trip year.
  6. Wait, what expectations? These may include
      • Completing pre-departure materials prior to your T2T trip
      • Developing activities and lesson plans aligned to the standards of the host country during the trip
      • Providing program feedback during the course of the trip
      • Responding to a T2T check-in six months and one year after the trip

How to Pay for Your Trip

Payments can be made either online or by check.

If you choose to mail a check, please send it to us at Teachers2Teachers, 1920 South Lakeshore Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

To pay online—

  1. Go to the DONATE page of this website
  2. Click on the drop-down menu at “Teacher Scholarships” and select “Other”
  3. Click on the yellow “Donate” button
  4. Your browser will then take you to the PayPal website where you can enter your payment amount
  5. PayPal will also ask you to choose your method of payment
  6. Just below the amount, click on the blue circle next to “Add special instructions to the seller” (see screen shot at right)
  7. In the empty box, enter your name, your trip destination, and the current year
  8. Scroll down through the rest of PayPal’s instructions and then click on “Donate Now”
  9. Pat yourself on the back. You’re one step closer to an amazing adventure!

How to Connect Via Zoom

Zoom is a virtual conferencing tool that we use for all of our online meetings, including pre-departure sessions for Teacher Trips. You do not need an account to join us through your computer on Zoom, but you will need to download an applet the first time. Here are some instructions for what to do—

  1. Navigate to Zoom’s homepage ( and click “Join a Meeting” in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Zoom will ask you for a Meeting ID, which is 316 970 2592.
  3. You will then be prompted to download the app, which should take less than half a minute.
  4. Click “Join by Computer” and you’ll be placed into a virtual conference room.
  5. If you have any difficulty, please call the T2T Office at 919-808-4503.

If you would rather connect via your smartphone, you can download the Zoom app through your app store. The Meeting ID you’ll need to join us is 316 970 2592.

For Spanish speakers—

  1. Primero ingresar a Zoom y luego seleccionar la opción “Entrar a una reunión.”
  2. Luego, Zoom le pedirá que ingrese el código de la reunión o ID de reunión. Nuestro código es 316 970 2592.
  3. A continuación, se le pedirá que descargue la aplicación. La apariencia de esta página puede variar dependiendo de su navegador de Internet. Seleccione “Abrir Zoom Meetings” o “Guardar.”
  4. Luego seleccione la opción de “entrar al audio por computadora”. Utilice la opción “probar el audio de la computadora” si desea revisar que su cámara, bocinas y micrófono estén funcionando correctamente.
  5. Luego de seguir estos pasos estará lista para la reunión!

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